Sunday, April 01, 2012

Thriller Project Timings & Deadlines

7th Jan to 11th Jan: Thriller introduction.

14th Jan to 18th Jan: Analysis of real and student examples/ Production logos.

21st Jan to 25th Jan: Planning and delivery of pitches.

28th Jan to 1st Feb: Storyboarding, shot lists and other planning.

Cameras are available from Friday 1st Feb at 4.10pm until shooting deadline of 9am Monday 4th March. Students can have 2 overnights or one weekend to film.

4th Feb to 8th Feb: Filming.

11th Feb to 15th Feb: Half Term.

18th Feb to 22nd Feb: Filming and editing.

25th Feb to 1st March: Filming and editing.

4th March to 8th March: 8th March Shooting deadline. 2nd lesson of this week is Rough Cut Deadline. Third lesson of week, rough cut feedback.

11th March to 15th March: Editing and begin evaluation tasks. .

18th March to 22nd March: End of second lesson this week is Final Cut deadline. Plus evaluation tasks.

4.10pm 28th March: Evaluation tasks deadline.